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Officers / Board



President, School Relations
Jacques Culioli, WG 99, jacques.culioli "at" gmail.com

General Secretary, Communications, Events
Alexandre Hamaide, WG 11, alexandrehamaide "at" gmail.com

Treasurer, WhartonConnect
Victor Gavrilov, WG 11, victor.gavrilov "at" gmail.com

Louis Boisgibault, W/ISA 90, l.boisgibault "at" valmerecapital.com 
Cedric Duchamp, WG 01, cedric.duchamp "at" wharton.upenn.edu 
Stephane Dufour, WG 02, stedufour "at" yahoo.com
Marc André Kamel, WG 92, marc-andre.kamel "at" bain.com
Didier Riebel, WG 89 didier.riebel "at" turnteam.fr
Francesco Revel-Sillamoni, WG 12, francescorevel "at" gmail.com
Zeynep Ugur, ugur.zeynep "at" gmail.com
Thomas Vettier, WG01 thomas_vettier61 "at" msn.com

Jobs & Careers
Bertrand Pinet, W/ISA 92, bertrandpinet "at" hotmail.com
François Graber, W/ISA 92, fgraber "at" noos.fr

Inter-Club Liaison
Beth Schaeffer, W 91, schaeba “at” gmail.com

Cercle des Administrateurs
Louis Boisgibault, W/ISA 90, l.boisgibault "at" valmerecapital.com




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